Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mini Vacay - Part 2, Day 2

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A mini vacay to The Hyatt - Ft. Myers, Florida Part 1, Day 1

We all need a little refresher and rejuvenator every now and then, eh?  This past weekend, we took a mini vacation to Ft. Myers to stay in a hotel, swim, eat out, go for ice cream and just bond as a family.  Well, we did just that.  There is so much excitement that I love to see from the eyes of our children.  Jumping on hotel beds, staying up late, drinking juice boxes and even an occasional sprite ignites a spark from our boys  that nothing else could ignite.

Making ourselves right at home.  Avery and Landon shared the living room.

Landon enjoying his snacks as he does some afternoon computer work.

Monkey see, monkey do. Guess who started this?

Daddy and the L-tron in the pool

Landon says "All done, get these wings off me."

Drying off.  Snack time.

Watching Mickey Mouse waiting to go for dinner.

Daddy and Avery are ready.............

Mommy and Daddy are ready...............let's roll!!!!

At Bahama Breeze

Family, cocktails, band playing, sun is shining, food is on the way.  All good here!!!

Blizzards at Dairy Queen?  Yes please!!!
Avery DEMOLISHES his blizzard.

The Lion Tamer in the Sarasota Baptist Circus 2013

The 4 year old classes at Avery's preschool recently put on a circus show for the rest of the school and the parents.  It was truly adorable to see.  The different characters and personalities of the children gave quite the laugh.  Avery was the Lion Tamer....although, his kinda had the appearance of a pimp.  Hmmm!!!

A serious family photo after the show. 
Ready to whip those lions into shape.

The kitty cat act

Class photo:  What a great group of kids, lead by wonderful teachers.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Lion Tamer

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