Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gaylord Palms

August 11th - 15th was spent at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida. I posted tons of pics, so I'll leave the narration to a minimum. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed our trip.

Front View of the resort: Isn't she a beauty.

Avery, barely awake from the car ride, stands by daddy for a pic.

Now it's mommy's turn...."Avery, pretend to smile and act awake."

Checked in, now lets scope out the place.

He had so much to look at and observe. Where to start?

Koi ponds all over the lobby.

Mac-n-cheese anyone?

"Ice-key-cone" after dinner was a must. (ice cream cone)

Bright and early the next morning. Ready for the pool. Avery looks out the balcony to see if anyone else is awake and ready for the pool at 7:30 a.m.

After dragging mommy out of bed and daddy finished his coffee, off to the pool we were.

But, a quick stop at a koi pond first.

Notice there is NOONE in the pool yet....need I mention again how early it was?

And this right here became Avery's highlight of the trip. A water slide that looked like a giant octopus and his tongue was the slide.

Daddy and Avery pause for a quick pic.

A view of the pool from the octopus.

Water fountain area for the kiddos to play in.

Time for lunch. Some nachos and lemonade, poolside? Sure!!!

"I'll be playin. Holla when lunch gets here."

"Winnen Jay" What better to drink on a hot day. (Lemonade)

Good morning, again. Anyone awake on this beautiful day at 8:00 a.m?

We watched the baby alligator feeding. Yes, there are live, baby alligators inside the resort.

And.....back in the pool again.

Goin' down the slide.................ALONE!!!
"Mommy, wow, I'm a big kid now."
"Anyone watchin me up here?"

"Im ONE happy camper right now."
Notice the little blue hat on top of the water? Avery has just come down the slide again. He went completely underwater and didn't mind A BIT!!!

Oh, what a coincidence!!! Another "ice-key-cone" Who got spoiled this week?

We went from Orlando to Key West for the day. Haha. No, we didn't. Different areas of the resort represented different areas of Florida. This section was called "Key West" Im sure everyone has seen this scene before. This ain't the real one, though!!!

"Touchin' the fishie"

"Whew, after a long day and a long week, I'm gonna color a picture and call it a night!!!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Water Activities in the Sun, Why Not?

Previously stated: there is tons of stuff to do here in Sarasota. Below is yet, another activity we chose to do while Papa was here. We visited the YMCA Splash Park. Avery has turned into quite the little fishy this summer and LOVES being in the water. This splash park is a child's Heaven. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot and AAA saw the slides and fountains and pool he started squealing in excitement and asking for his BFF Jadyn. What would a trip to the water park be like without Jadyn? Besides, Avery, Papa and Jadyn all got along so well together.

Avery and Papa stand under the mushroom. Not sure who had MORE fun here, Avery? Papa? It was a close tie.

Up the stairs, down the slide, up the stairs, down the slide.....oodles of entertainment.

Papa plays "photographer" for a minute. We BARELY got the kids to hold still long enough for a picture.

Beach Buddies!!!

Who comes to Florida and doesn't go to the beach? Surely not Papa. He couldn't resist the opportunity to go to the beach with AAA and build sand castles. Avery has become quite the beach bum. He has no fear of the water, loves digging in the sand and even tries to chase the DAMNED birds that hang out on the beach. Yes, "THOSE" birds that the locals HATE and the tourists LOVE.

"Now, Papa, just follow me. This water ain't cold and I'll show you how deep we can go and still be safe. Trust me, Im a regular here." says Avery

"Allow me to show you the intricacies of building sand castles. Scoop and dump, scoop and dump. Don't be afraid, the sand will wash off." Avery is so sure of himself.

*More pics still coming soon.*

Just Chillin' at the Home Front

After a hot morning of biking and hiking, a cool dip in the pool was a MUST....perhaps even an afternoon nap on the raft was in order. Let's check with Papa.

"Can we get you another Sangria, perhaps turn the music quieter, or just let you sleep?" (he was feeling NOTHING other than the cool refreshing water and the sun bronzing his skin.)

After Avery wakes from HIS nap, he decides to climb Mountain Bob. This was a reoccurring activity this week. Yes, even notice Avery's pants falling down. Didn't stop him for a SECOND from climbing. the end of the day, we were all ZOMBIES!!! Milk and stories with Papa calls for a good night's sleep. (Papa, this requires you to get off your phone)
*More pics coming, stay tuned*

More Family Bonding at Myakka State Park

There are ENDLESS amounts of things to do here in Sarasota. One thing we wanted to do that Dad/Papa has never done was to visit Myakka State Park. We both enjoy being outside, being active and working up a sweat. You see, right now in Florida, all you have to do to "work up" a sweat is simply open your door and walk outside for 5 seconds. Really, its that easy. Anyhow, we loaded up bikes, packed a picnic lunch and went to Myakka State Park for the morning. We did some hiking, biking, picnicing and "exploring" of Avery's favorite things to do.

Papa and AAA have a pep talk before we start our hike. May I mention that Avery walked the ENTIRE distance that Papa and I walked. Who's in better shape? Avery? Papa? Mommy? It's a toss up.

"Do you think I could climb this tree?"

Walking across a suspension bridge that leads to a tower that is 76 feet high. Avery leads the way.

We made it!!! At the top of the tower. Avery climbed every step of it. This is a view from the top.

Papa and his little buddy take a break. That was a long hike up there, but we DID IT!!!

Back down to the bottom. It was slightly easier going DOWN the tower than going UP the tower.

Time for some grub. We were all STARVING and a bit parched.

"Don't worry boys, I won't interrupt your eating, CHOW DOWN!!!"
Pictures of the bike ride....not so much. Couldn't drive a bike AND take pics. It was a great day. Let's go home and swim and cool off!!!
*Stay tuned, more photos coming*