Monday, February 20, 2012

A Quick Mini Vaca to Orlando

The Alcala Family spent the last 2 days in Orlando, Florida. Good ol' family bonding, perfect weather and lasting memories......couldn't have asked for more.

Day # 1: 85 degrees and sunny. Pool time, sun, and cocktails. Daddy is in, now Avery's turn to jump on in.

"Let me just feel this water first."

Didn't take Landon long to get used to the pool. (Heated pool, 85 degrees out, count us ALL in)

Momma and her boys. Avery is already a fish and Landon is LOVING the pool already.

"Pina Colada or Miami Vice? Touch decision to make."
Now this is an ACTION shot!!!

Tired after a day of swimming, waiting to go out to dinner.

Free beer and wine in the hotel lobby and water fountains for the chitlins to play in, life is good!!!

Love the "tired lip" and confused look he's got goin on!!!

Mommy entertaining Avery at dinner=funny. Avery encouraging mommy to drink the entire pitcher of sangria at dinner=tasty and tempting.

Daddy enjoying his glass of Sangria while waiting on our Chicago Style pizza to arrive.

"Graham Cracker, anyone?"

Its late. We have an early day tomorrow. We better go back to the Resort where they are serving free ice cream in the lobby and showing "How to Train your Dragon" on the big screen.

Who slept goodthat night? We ALL did!!!

Day # 2 - Disney's Animal Kingdom. Temp: high of 71 and sunny.

First attraction of the day: Safari Ride in Kilamanjaro. (A must see and must do, 1st thing of the day).

A Black Rhino. (5000 left in the ENTIRE WORLD) Pretty, snuggly animal, eh?

An entire mob of hippos laying under water. They over-heat very easily, even in cool weather.

Right there!!!!!!!!!Look at those horns. This is a Watussi Bull.

These are Wildebeests.

Daddy and Landon waiting to meet the characters.

Mommy, Daddy and Landon pose with Mickey Mouse while Avery chases Goofy.

Both boys have their eye on something.....just not sure what???

"Looks like it's you and me, Donald Duck," says mommy.

Avery found a big fake tree to climb on.............PERFECT!!!

Orange Soda and a hot diggity dog at The Restarauntasouras!!!


"Did someone say cheeseburger and french fries?"

All 4 of us enjoying "Finding Nemo, The Musical". Super duper cool attraction.

These boys still LOVE their naps. A nice breeze, 71 degrees, relaxing stroller ride and waiting on the Parade of ain't bad.

"Just wake us when the parade starts!!!"

Mommy and Avery on the "Chester and Hester" ride. (not so blurry next time, photographer)

We can't take these 2 anywhere!!!

Well, maybe these 2 are kinda crazy too!!! was time to go!!! A great 2 days spent in Orlando can do your heart some good. Avery's still asking if we can go back to Disney world for "just 2 more days". Soon, big boy, soon!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boys, Boys, Boys

Just some more pics of our pride and joys......our Boys!!!

11 months old!!!! Holy Cow......time is flyin.

Tired Baby!!!

Happy Baby!!!

Chillin Baby!!!

Burnin' off some steam at the park!!!

Rollin' off some steam at the park!!! (notice the matching outfits? I love dressin the boys alike)

Popcorn Party!!! Orange soda, a bucket of popcorn, front row seats to Finding Nemo and 2 happy boys. Life is GRAND!!!