Wednesday, November 30, 2011

and..........some more!!!

More pics of the ol' bambinos. May seem like boring pics to some, but to our families and friends in the midwest who don't get to see our chitlins too often, pictures are all we've got.

"Daddy likes to put me in this basket. Its the perfect size for me"

Avery's Thanksgiving party at his preschool.

Gavin and Avery enjoyin their juiceboxes.

Landon has crawled under his excersaucer and can't get out. And, like any good mother, I grabbed the camera then helped him out.

What a special treat: breakfast in his jammies while watching cartoons!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Da Boys

Some pics of the boys. No special order. No particular "event" that we attended. Just some pics we've captured of our two studs in the past couple of weeks.

At Sarasota Square mall enjoying the rides.

After Thanksgiving dinner. "What? You guys all ate like pigs too?"

"Hey mom, do we need the flash AND the blistering sunlight all at once?"

Chillin, playin, chewin on a rattle. What more could a child this age need or want?

9 months already?!?!?!?

Time flies when you're having fun............and Landon Bradley is one fun, little dude, that's for sure!!! He just turned 9 months old. Im not sure what has gone faster, the 9 months I carried him or the 9 months he has been boppin' around in the real world with us. Just like his big brother, he his long for his age and is 18 lbs of pure JOY!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

Its getting funner each year. Dressing up, trick or treating, eating TONS of candy and carving pumpkins. Thats what this time of year is about. This year Avery dressed up as the Transformer Optimus Prime (his pick) and Landon dressed up as Batman. They both looked super cool in their costumes. (in typical Alcala fashion, we kept tradition going) We had the Bresters over and had a neighborhood cookout. We ate good food, drank yummy sangria and then, we were on our way to get as much candy as the chitlins could. Last year, Jadyn and Avery tried to keep up with the other kids. This year......they were the leaders of the pack.

Leave it to Rico...................

Landon Bradley is 8 months old!!! Already???

Our little Landon B, Butter Ball, Baby B, Beezers, Wittle Brudder, is already 8 months old. Gosh, the time just flies. Below are 2 pictures on his 8 month birthday. Call it cruel, I had to share both pics.

Not so happy, just woke from his nap and wants his afternoon "snack". Didn't really want camera time just yet.

Ok, much better!!! Had my snack. Now, take all the pics you want mommy!!!