Saturday, February 20, 2010

We're Back!!!

For all of you faithful followers of our blog....we are BACK. We have been having technical difficulties (and still are) but we are back in order. The pictures are still small (working on fixing this), but in the meantim, here' what we have been up to...........NICE WEATHER. Finally, some of that perfect Florida weather and sunshine that we all live for. We have spent our days outside and now with the time change, we are spending our evenings outside too!!! We live in a great neighborhood and have kids all around so we take FULL advantage of that.

Rebecca bathes Josey for us..........yes, in Avery's little pool.

Of course, it is beach weather. So, Avery and mommy went to play at the beach and have a picnic.

Following the chick in the bikini......"wait, come back, I'm over here."

Sand castles are a MUST!!!

"Mom, put the camera down and HELP ME."

"I'm Watching You Two"

The other day we had a playdate with Jadyn.....(although, you can't really call it a playdate, cuz Jadyn and Avery play together EVERDAY) but, it sounds more enticing to give it a fun name. Anyhow, Jadyn came over in her jammies and spent the day with Avery. The older they get, the more they want to do what the other one is doing and of course, the more mischevious they become.

Avery and Jadyn having lunch together. Of course, they MUST have the same thing on their plates, otherwise, they won't want to eat what they are given. Todays lunch menu consisted of Turkey Dogs, blueberries, yogurt and water.

After lunchtime they were playing in Avery's room. While I could hear them, I couldn't see them. Upon entering Averys room I see 2 little feet poking out from behind Avery's rocking chair.....there they were. Hiding behind the rocking chair playing with the night light. (as I quickly and quietly run to get the camera)

***BUSTED*** They both peek up to see they have been caught, all while cheesin' out for the camera.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You had to be there......

These pictures are definately ones that need the following disclaimer: (You had to be there.) The pictures just don't do it justice, but I'll continue anyways. Let me brief you on Avery's "t.v schedule." ....which is minimal. He is allowed to watch one cartoon when he wakes in the morning while drinking his milk, and one cartoon in the afternoon after waking from his nap. So, yesterday, in typical fashion, he woke from his nap and proceeded to the couch to watch "Thomas the Train."

Ahhhhh, sitting so contently and enjoying the "chu chu" as he calls it.

While he watches "Thomas" I was putting away laundry and heard "ah, oh, football." "ah, oh, football." I came in from the other room and found him in between shelves on the t.v stand. Like any good mother, I grabbed the camera instead of assisting him with the retrieval of the ball.

"Help, please, help please." He innocently cries out. All the while, mommy is still snapping photos.
Cute, funny, but even funnier to witness this in person.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Meeting up with the Girls

Below are some pics with some friends from college and my cousin. It sure was great to see everyone and catch up and of course visit memory lane.

Lauren holding Caliana....."Lauren looks like a natural at this "baby thing."

At lunch with Megan, Abbie, Avery and the twins. We literally sat at "Champs" for 3 hours and had some of the best girl talk.

Jill, myself, Katie, Megan and Lauren enjoying some tacos and maragaritas.

Chatting over some guacamole and babies.
Megan, Jill and I at the Pacers Game.

The Rest of our Trip to the Midwest

The last leg of our trip to the Midwest was spent in Indianapolis where we visited Megan and met her twin girls Caliana and Cameron. We had a great time and even were able to meet up with my cousin, Abbie and a few girls from college.

Here is Caliana watching a soap opera on T.V.
Caliana and Cameron both watching T.V as Avery stands by wondering why they won't get up and play.

Another shot of Caliana.............what a cutie and so content.
Cameron posing in her bouncy seat. Say cheese.
Cami and Cali playing on their mat.....they share quite well.