Sunday, December 6, 2009

2009 Christmas Parade

Saturday night we ventured to downtown Sarasota in the "FREEZING COLD" weather. There was a predicted low of 47 degrees, which we are NOT used to. However, since we were going to a Christmas parade and we don't ever get this kind of weather, we welcomed it. We were still able to eat outside and enjoy the sights. Of course we were accompanied by Pat, Jamie and Jadyn....who better to share this fun night with!!!!

Pat, Jamie, Jadyn, Jessi, Avery and Rico at Cinco de Mayo for some delish Mexican cuisine. (the kids are there, I promise, you just can't see them.)

Jadyn always gets a kick out of Rico. She had him playing ring around the rosie later.

Our little bug all snuggled up. He WASN'T gonna get cold, trust me.

Jadyn snuggled up....Pink hat was a must.

Pat and Jadyn anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival

An attempted family photo

Chillin, watching, waiting, waiting, waiting..........WHERE IS SANTA?

An attempted group shot, minus Jamie and Jadyn's head.....This photographer needs fired

The Brester Family

Jadyn still on the lookout for Santa (the parade was at our back)

Parade was over, back in the car watching Barney...."I ain't takin this hood off, mom."

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rosaire's Petting Zoo!!!

Wow, what a gorgeous day. 80 degrees, sun is shining and we were blessed to enjoy this day OUTSIDE. First, we went to Rosaire's petting zoo. We got to watch our neighbor, Rebecca, ride horses and see all sorts of animals. Brianna (other neighbor girl) showed Avery around the petting zoo where he was able to play with different animals. Avery was LOVIN' it. He wasn't afraid of anything, all the while mommy is running frantically from the goats as they tried eating my pants.

After this, we all headed to the park to play, yet some more and have a picnic with Jadyn, Rebecca, Brianna and of course Avery. Cheers to a beautiful day!!!

Avery and the goats........BAAAAAAAAAAAA BAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Brianna shows Avery how to "nicely" pet the goats.

Avery just couldn't find the time to cheese out for the camera.

And, here's the same picture again..................

"Hey, Avery, here's a chicken you can hold," says Brianna

Chickens, roosters, you name it, they were all here to play.

Peekin' in the hen house. "Peek-a-boo, come and get me."

Avery and a billion goats. Good thing he wasn't scared.