Friday, March 26, 2010

The kids on You Tube.

A child's laughter is the BEST!!! While playing with Avery's BFF the other day, we got to witness some of the cutest interaction between Jadyn and Avery. Unfortunately, we only caught the last few seconds on video, but it is definately worth a watch. Sometimes I would like to jump inside the mind of a toddler and just "SEE" what goes through their minds. Oh, to be a kid again.....

Click on the link below and ENJOY!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another post? Really???

Back again, trying to add more photos to the blog and give a quick update, but STILL having problems uploading photos to where they AREN'T microscopic. Not sure why, one day, the photos went from one size to a smaller size. Anyhow, we just celebrated Rico's birthday. We didn't do anything too fancy (per his request), so we just went to dinner with some friends followed by a few cocktails afterwards.

Pat sipping a captain and coke.........cheers to the birthday boy!!!
Not really sure what this is all about...................

Starting to see a theme............Rico sipping a captain and coke. Wow, we sure are creative with the camera. (I kid, I kid)
Pat and Jamie enjoying our great company

Rico and I smoosh together for a quick pic