Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brotherly Love!!!

What a great pleasure it is to observe our two children interacting with one another. Avery's personality is well-developed and Landon's personality seems to be showing its true colors more and more everyday. Landon truly enjoys watching Avery play and act silly and of course this encourages Avery to act even MORE silly as Landon belly laughs at him. Avery already does a great job at being big brother. He is very gentle with Landon and knows exactly what to do to "make Wandon happy." The other evening I was in the kitchen making dinner while the boys were playing in the family room. Upon glancing out to check on them, this is what I found:

This was the sweetest thing to observe. I quickly grabbed my camera, captured the moment and let the 2 of them continue their game of ball.

Avery's First Day of Preschool ! ! !

WOW!!! This day came a lot faster than I ever could've imagined. We started researching preschools for Avery in January, and at that time September seemed SO. FAR. OFF!!! Here it is September 6th and the triple A bomber is 3 1/2 years old and ready for the next step in life.

We found his preschool at the referral of our dear friends and fell in love with it the minute we walked through the doors to tour the place. Then, we met several of the teachers, toured the school itself, asked several questions and from that point on, we knew this was the place for Avery to start his school career.

Here's how our first day of preschool went.

Avery was SUPER stoked about his Cars lunchbox and wants to carry it with him everywhere. Just woke up, jammies still on and Blue's Clues was his cartoon of choice.

Part of our morning routine: Avery feeds Josey and sits with him while he "eats his dinner."

Outside his school, mommy and Avery pause for a photo taken by Daddy.

Whoa, Sunny Sarasota? Yes, you are!!! Pardon the glare on Daddy's face while he helps Avery out of the car.

In his classroom, with Ms. Amy (teacher's assistant). He's learning where he needs to put his name card everyday.

And, after that, Mommy, Daddy and Landon had to say our goodbyes. We kept them short, sweet and to the point. Not a single tear shed (well, none by Avery at least). He was more than excited to be there.

Although he gets to eat his lunch at school, we still went to Chik Fil A afterwards for icecream and playtime. We met his "big sisters" there and this was such a treat for him after his first day at preschool.

Brianna and Avery

Becca and Avery goofing around as always.

A warm smile with a mouth full of candies.

Avery and his big sisters chowin' on some ice cream.

Upon getting in the car to head to the house, Avery says, "Mommy, I'm so tired." Next thing I notice:

Cheers to a great school year ahead!!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Sending Kisses to Colorado!!!

This post is for anyone who wants to look at it and read it. But, its especially for someone who is taking a short vacation in Colorado. While enjoying her visit, I'm sure, I am also certain she is missing her 2 munchkins.

Baking cookies.........."are they done yet?"

..........still waiting!!!

This is what lunch time looked like. Everyone cleaned their plate.

And then I cleaned this little guy.....who was covered HEAD to TOE in pizza, veggies and avacado

The duo plays at the workbench. "Handy Manny" hard at work while "Kelly" tends the store.

Just woke from his nap. Love those little snugglin eyes.

And these two have now popped outta bed. Snacks in front of the t.v. What a treat!!!

Dinner time. Avery insists on feeding Landon!!!