Friday, January 27, 2012

Long Time, No see!!!

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted on the blog, I know, I know. We're still around and doing well. Just been busy little bees, but certainly enjoyin life. Here are some pics from when part of my family was down visiting us in Sunny Sarasota over the holidays. Good times as always.

Having lunch at the marina after a day at the beach. Landon ain't got much to complain about.

Rico, Erica and I heading out for an evening of cocktails with friends.

At the Tiki guessed it, after ANOTHER day at the beach. Rum Runners, anyone???

An ice cold Sprite for the A-Bomber.

And, some tiny, itty bitty fingers will make the L-Train happy.

Papa gettin' some smoochies from his youngest grandboy.

Avery can't resist getting in the water. Pants rolled up, shoes coming off!!!

Mimi and Papa (my momma and daddy) Cute, happy couple, eh???

"Baby Beezer" gets a bath in the kitchen sink by his Auntie E.

Avery trying out his new scooter Christmas morning from Santa Claus.

Landon B checkin out his new toy walker
Mimi feeding Landon one of many dinners.

Our yard crew trimming one of our palm trees. (Rather cheap workers I might add)

Triple A wearin' out Auntie Erica's I-pad.

"Oh, more toys? Ok"

Lunch by the pool. Hey camera man, can you wait til we dont all have our mouths full?

Dinner at the Country Club
Dancin' with my dadders after dinner.

Avery's snappin a photo of Chu Chu with his new camera from his BFF Jadyn
Mimi and Landon relaxing in the swing by the pool. Life's Good!!!