Saturday, March 10, 2012

Oh, to be a kid again!!!

Most of the pictures that we post on the Alcala Family Blog can basically explain themselves. However, the pictures below perhaps need some explanation. Actually, the story of what is occurring in these pics should be told.

It is a Friday night, the weather is perfect, kids are on "Spring Break" and excitement is in the air in the good ol' neighborhood of Colonial Oaks. As mentioned previously, there is a new clubhouse/treehouse in our back yard. Avery's new, fun adventure is to catch frogs and lizards in the ditch and bring them to our treehouse and "play" with them.

All the kids are out and about. "Curfews" have been lifted for these little tikes and plans have been made. Macaroni and cheese is on the menu, followed by a popcorn party served with orange soda and a viewing of "Rio" is being played on the DVD player.............all of which is to occur IN the treehouse. It is almost dark outside. By the time they have devoured their mac n cheese, it will be a perfect time to light the tiki torches and start the popcorn party.

Avery, Christian, and Brianna clearing the table and making their way out of the treehouse in search of frogs and lizards.

Rebecca, Brianna, Christian, and Avery waiting ever-so-patiently on the delivery of popcorn and soda. The tiki torches have been lit, the sun has set and the crickets are churping.

Say CHEESE!!!!!

Nights like Friday night can do your heart some good. There were good times had, memories made, frogs were caught and bedtimes passed up. This is what being a kid is all about. Staying out in the dark in your jammies and mud boots. Drinking soda and eating popcorn has been given a new meaning. In fact, for these kids, life is GRAND!!!! Oh, to be a kid again.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Time Spent with Mimi and Papa

Another FABULOUS time was had by all while Mimi and Papa were here visiting us in the Sunshine State. We never run out of things to do, places to go, games to play or sangria to drink. Eventhough, we are in the town we live in and the house we own, we still feel like we are on vacation. Lucky, aren't we??? Below are some snapshots taken throughout the week.

Papa and his boys relax on the couch while the women (Mimi) prepares dinner.

At the "Ski-a-rees" show off Longboat Key. Perfect day to watch a show like this. It was very sunny, yet a bit chilly.

Landon cruises around the house on his tricycle as happy as a lark.

Avery indulges in a cupcake Mimi and Papa bought for him at "Music on Main" in Lakewood Ranch .

Listening to music while Mimi shows off one of her (many) purchases.

Its tough to be a baby!!!

Waiting our turn to have a balloon animal of our choice made. Avery chose a green puppy.

Check out the snowcone vehicle in the background. Wowzers!!!

The shops are endless and so is the credit card limit on Papa's credit card (wink, wink)

Landon is spotted in Avery's room in his reading chair. Landon is quite the reader already.

Handy Manny (Avery) is hard at work under his work bench.

Quite the climber!!! He climbs from his carseat to the tricycle.

Two boys focused in on their computers. Don't interrupt them.

Landon LOVES Dancing Mickey.

*Editors note: please excuse all of the random spacing and gaps in between pictures, captions, etc. Everytime I corrected these issues blogger would only save the "incorrect" layout. Silly blogger, I simply don't have the time or interest to mess around with you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Big Birthday Bash

Speaking of birthday boy. What goes along with a cute, little birthday boy? A cute, little birthday party. To celebrate we had a nice, neighborhood cookout and cocktails.....and YES, of course, we had lots of birthday cake. The theme for this fiesta was FOOTBALL!!!

The Birthday Boy

Some of the guests: (L to R) Jamie, Mommy, Papa, Julie and Paul

Rico and Pat.....this is a NEW concept: Having a beer together.

Mimi and Mommy feed birthday boy before the guests arrive. (Josey waits on something, anything to fall.)

Avery and Jadyn entertain themselves in Averys room.

Playin in the sandbox (notice this is Pre-Clubhouse days)

Jamie, Landon and Mickey Mouse

The Birthday Cake. Publix makes a DELICIOUS cake.

The SMASH cake. And ooooooh, was it smashed!!!!

Singing, "Happy Birthday to you,"

"Cake in front of me. Cool. Fire (candle) burning on top. Not sure about it. A bunch of people singing to ME. Ok, but will you guys stop soon?"

Avery and Jadyn show Landon its ok to DIG ON IN!!!!

The crowd just watches as "Baby B" (one of many nicknames for Landon) dives in.

Daddy catches it all on video.

"I got this. Y'all just relax, I don't need any help."

Pose for a quick pic in between Landon's cake and Avery's Nintendo DS.

Landon was kind enough to share his cake with the rest of the guests.

Perhaps the kitchen sink is our best option right about now!!!

It was in his ears, nose, eyes and mommy's hair!!! It was EVERYWHERE it should be. :)

Happy Birthday Landon B, Baby B, Butters, Wandon, the list goes on. We love you big boy. Keep those smiles and that sillyness comin'. You bring us all so much joy.

Landon Turns One!!!

Time flies when you're having fun and well, this last year sure was a blast and it sure did fly by. Landon turned one year old on February 22. It seems like we were just in the hospital having him yesterday and here he is now already 1. He is such a happy, easy going baby.

Here he is on his big birthday. 1 year old!!!
The papers in each pic display how old he is in each picture. Its amazing to see how much they can change in one month.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

"The Treehouse"

Mimi and Papa are here for a visit from Illinois and their trip wouldn't be "complete" without having one project to complete while they are here. This trip their project was a last minute construction of a clubhouse for the boys. Papa had several assistants and supervisors on site at all times.

Building the framework in close proxmity to the sandbox and getting it set in concrete

Avery assists Papa in the mixing of the cement. (OSHA, please disregard the lack of proper work attire.)

Rico and Papa add the roof

It's getting late and dark out, but there is still time for shingles to be added to the roof before the sun sets.

(Boys enjoy a late night snack in the treehouse......finished or not)

And here it is: The Treehouse. It is complete. After the wood cures it will need painted, however, it is officially ready for play (after you say the password to be allowed in, of course)

The finished project. All project managers give it one final inspection. It PASSED inspection!!!