Friday, April 29, 2011

Movie Anyone???

Rico is off work, its extremely hot outside and there's a cute new movie showing at Hollywood 20!!!! This calls for a family night to the movie theater. After we first had Avery and Rico was working, I would load Avery up and go the movies (yes, just AAA and I) So, technically this wasn't his first trip to the movie theater, but for all intensive purposes, it was!!! We saw the movie "Rio" and we all enjoyed it.

Avery and his popcorn.....What? You don't think he had enough? Well, popcorn and soda was dinner for the night!!!

Hmmm.....what to order for dinner??? So much candy and health foods to chose from!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Triple A turns 3

Avery Alexander Alcala a.k.a Triple A, just turned 3 on April 10th. I can now say that I fully understand what people mean when they say "kids grow up so fast." It amazes me how quickly kids change and how in the blink of an eye they are walking and talking. How in the world is Avery getting ready to start preschool in the fall??? If someone can find out how to stop the clocks and slow down the calendar, please let me know!!! Below are pictures from his 3rd birthday party. Avery is a HUGE Toy Story fan, so that was the theme of his party this year. The Cake: Mommy, Daddy, Landon and........... birthday boy vanishes before the picture is taken.

Jamie (Avery's Godmother) and her 7 month old son, Jaxon.

Carol holds Landon since he is FINALLY awake....but Carol still has that touch and put him right back to sleep.

Avery cashing in his tickets to earn prizes at Coconuts....where his party was held. For those of you not aware of what Coconuts is......its a clean, smaller Chucky Cheese.....a child's heaven!!!

"Mom, take the picture quick, cause Im headin off to win more tickets."

Daddy watches and encourages Avery as he very clearly cheats at this game. (Chloe innocently stands by taking note of how to REALLY WIN this game.)

Pat (Avery's Godfather) and Rico pause from the arcades for a photo.

Ivette's turn to hold Landon Bradley.

Dawn and her two boys, Dylan and Kyle, arrive for the fun.

Daddy helps Avery pick out prizes.

Becca, Brianna, Jadyn and Avery cashing in MORE tickets.

The Entire Brester Family of four.

Next, it's Brianna's turn.

Avery and Becca coming down the slide.

Madison and Sawyer playin' a game together (such a sweet brother and sister combo)

Taylor and Toby, another brother/sister combo.

Spencer playing hide and seek in the jungle gym. (I think Avery secretly has a crush on her)

Pizza time.....although the kids INHALED their food so they could get back out and play.

Cake time.....the candles are lit, let's get ready to sing.

He seemed to enjoy the singing. In years past, he wanted NOTHING to do with it.

Licking the icing off the cake toppers. Needless to say, sugar was a main part of their diet that day.


This little tike enjoyed the cake more than anything I've ever seen. Video footage would do this more justice than just a photo!!!

And, we're back at home opening gifts........SENSORY OVERLOAD!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVERY!!! You bring mommy and daddy so much joy!!!