Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Hunt at Colonial Oaks Park

And.......the Halloween Festivities are in full swing. This morning we had a Halloween Hunt/Costume Contest/Candy Party at the park in the neighborhood where we live. Avery is VERY into Mickey Mouse this year. He took his first trip to Disney World and LOVES to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. How perfect for him to dress up as Mickey Mouse, we thought? And where there's Mickey, there's Minnie. Who better to be his partner in crime than Jadyn herself.

A quick family photo before we head to the park. (Josey included)

PRESENTING: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse (who are already eating M&Ms at 9:00 in the morning)

"Take all the pics you want, just don't take away my M&Ms."

Mickey Mouse is GETTIN' BUSY on the ride at the park

Even this costume can't slow him down. Daddy stands by incase Mickey loses a shoe.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse play follow the leader around the tree.
And the Halloween Hunt has begun. In typical fashion, Avery was a bit hesitant at first......

Daddy steps in to assist........... and they're running full speed now.

The adults fight over the candy (kidding)

On their way back to the park, pumpkin's full and they're EXHAUSTED!!!

Time to empty the ol' pumpkin and see what all we collected.
Kisses for Daddy. He was the best partner and helper in this game :)
PERFECT!!! More candy and treats to eat. It's now 10:15 in the morning.

Daddy helps with opening the candy and juice. A healthy breaskfast FOR SURE!!!

The cutest Duo right here.....................

The Costume Contest: Our little man was voted "Cutest Costume"

Here we have (from L to R) Minnie Mouse, Goofy (costume not on), Mickey Mouse and Mommy with baby brother in her belly.

Hayride at The Founder's Club

Friday night we were invited to attend a hayride at The Founder's Club. The weather turned out to be beautiful. Avery was a bit hesitant at first to ride the hayride ALL BY HIMSELF, but a few minutes into it, mommy was given the "ok" that he is ready to do it alone.

The first one back on the trailor after making a candy stop.

"See mom, I can do this all by myself. You go ride in the golf cart with Uncle Pat."

Make their way to someone's front door in search of some MORE candy.
"Mommy, wook, wook. (look, look) I got CANDY!!!" He was so excited about the candy he was given. Seeing the excitement in his eyes was as sweet as the excitement in that Snickers bar.

"Hmmmm, I've got M&Ms AND a Twix. What to eat first???"

I think all the chocolate has him in a trance by now.

Avery and Jadyn make their way up to ANOTHER house. More chocolate? Why not?

Get ready kids, we're about to start movin' again.

Here you see one tired child. Don't fret, kiki and the snickers bar weren't going ANYWHERE!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just some pics of the last few days!!!

Saturday we went to Sun - N - Fun for their last "Horrah" of the season. The weather is still pool/beach weather here. Late October and STILL hot enough to swim? Yes!!! Are we ready for some cooler weather, however? Yes!!!

Avery in the kiddie pool. Water wings not needed so much, but just in case we wana go back to the "big poo"

Just a pic of the "baby poo"

"Do I dare go under this waterfall, why not?"

Avery at his first day of "Painting Pizzazz" class. We did more than just painting on the first day. There were so many toys and stations for the kids to explore.

Wow, here's an action shot for ya. (love my new camera, notice the 3 balls in the air)

Outside in the playgroud. He is IMMEDIATELY attracted to the sandbox.

He looks so grown up here. Seriously? Riding a tricyle? We should still be pushing him in a stroller and watching him crawl.........they grow up WAY TOO FAST!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our "Tuesday" Activity

Each day of the week I have a scheduled activity for Avery. Tuesdays we go to Rosaire's Riding Academy where Avery can watch those taking horseback riding lessons, play at the petting zoo, take pony rides and get a good dose of "work" in. As a mother, it is truly rewarding to watch your child learn and explore and do new things as his mind expands.

He is quite the climber.....he will climb on ANYTHING....including this stack of logs.
Before Avery and Koshy take off on a pony ride we must get a pic with Mommy

Stoppin to get more saddles

Off they go

"First ride with this pony. She is a bit shy, so they say!!!"

Down the trail we go, on a different pony.
Havin' some "guy talk"

"Mom, check out that tractor. Ask 'em if we can take it home."

Avery's gettin ready to take off.

Getting ready for his pony ride....yes, on a pink saddle. The little girl before him chose the pink saddle, and what the heck, it's mommy's favorite color.

"WOW, the keys are IN this tractor, now, if I could just turn it on."

"What do all these different handles and knobs do?"

Helping rake the hay in the stalls

Feeding the horses some apples

"Man, mom, this guy has me HARD AT WORK."

"Let me just check and make sure all the horses are present before we start feeding them."

"Now that the horses are fed, let's check out the petting zoo."

"Hey bud, you sit there and look pretty, cuz soon you and me are goin on a ride."

"Nice pony, nice pony"