Sunday, August 28, 2011

Some snapshots of Landon Bradley

Cutie sportin' a little green hat.

Josey participates in playtime.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Nights = Football Games

Its Friday Night. High School football has begun. "Avery, do you wanna go see a football game with me, Uncle Pat and Jadyn?" says Daddy. "Of course," says Avery. So, off they go. Landon and I spent the night together snuggling and bonding while Daddy and Avery went to have a pizza party and to cheer on the Riverview Rams!!!

The Mohawk was a MUST!!! "Football players don't smile, mom."

"Guess what mom? Its 3 seconds after you took the last picture, and Im STILL not gona smile."

Let's Go Rams, Let's Go!!!! Cheers to a good, HOT weekend here in Sunny Sarasota.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A minature Rico??? I think so!!!

Football season is here!!! This household LOVES football. We are Redskins fans and of course, Tampa Bay Bucaneer Fans. This past Sunday we had a practice run with the football attire. Next Sunday we will go full force with the jerseys, traditional Chili in the ol' crockpot and my ever-so-famous chips and guacamole dip. It's tradition. We would also welcome a few degrees cooler in the weather, but for now, we're just happy the NFL is back in full swing. Whew!!!

This jersey and hat was once worn by the A-Bomber. Now, Landon B. gets the luxury of sporting the skins' wear!!!

Father / Son Moment!!!

Avery and Daddy are sitting on the patio and just watching the rain come down. We have had so much rain lately, but it's still enjoyable to sit under cover and watch as buckets and buckets come pouring down. Looks like it's time to let water out of the pool.

Enjoying the moment; just daddy and his boy.

Where. Does. The. Time. Go?

After having Avery, we learned that kids grow up soooo fast. We heard it a dozen times by strangers, friends and family. Then, we saw for ourselves, that they REALLY do change hourly and grow up too fast right before our own eyes. Now we are seeing it with Landon, yet it seems to go even FASTER with the 2nd baby. PLEASE. STOP. THE. CLOCK. Landon is 6 months old today. Below is our "timeline" with Landon, A.K.A "Butterball," A.K.A, "Beezer Baby," A.K.A "Baby Wandon" as his big brother calls him.

Still a newborn. So wittle.

Becoming more alert. Big stretch after a nice, long nap.

"Well, hi, you've got that camera again."

"What's up, y'all?"

Just chillin. Ready for a nap.

WOW, the ol' personality is coming out now. This little guy is all "CHEESE" these days.

WHOA!!! Notice his 6 month picture is taken vertically with the ol' camera!!! Thats because he has grown a foot longer (so it seems) and doesn't fit in his crib, but long ways.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Landon's Baptism

Our little Butter Ball is ready for his baptism. We had Avery baptised around 5 1/2 months too, so Landon wore the exact same outfit Avery wore for his baptism. (Landon filled it out a bit more). Landon's Godparents are Megan and Javier. They were both here for the special occasion and we had a great day celebrating together with such close friends.

Landon and Godmommy Megs pose before we head to the church.

Godfather Javier joins in for the pic.

Family just gotta take what you can get at this stage.

I repeat: Family just gotta take what you can get. The Catlins x 4

Shall I repeat? The Brester Family of four. (Pat and Jamie are Avery's Godparents)

Javier offers to watch Landon sleep.

Deacon Ray holds Landon in front of the Church. He is explaining how life would be if we all had the heart of a child!!!!

Jadyn and Avery are REALLY interested in whats going on..............NOT SO MUCH!!!

This "family photo" thing is starting to look better, yet now we are all hot and sweaty and greasy looking. You just deal with it!!

A little water being poured on the ol' head.

Listening to his blessing for Landon Bradley.

Godmother is asked to place her hand on Landons back and offer her blessing.

Javier lights the Holy candle that symbolizes Landons upbringing in the Catholic Church.

Deacon Ray is playing a game with Avery

Afterwards, we all go for dinner to celebrate and enjoy one another's company before The Catlins have to return north.

Avery says "Enough of the dress clothes and adult conversation, Im outta here."

He's exhausted. "All the attention, wearing a white tuxedo and having water poured on my head, what more do y'all want out of me?"

Rico and Javier. Javier was Rico's best man in our wedding and now the Godson of our youngest boy. He and Rico go WAY back.

Landon Bradley's baptism truly was a great time. We were surrounded by the closest of friends and the cutest of kids.

A Night out in Sunny Sarasota

Let me first say that these pictures are posted in reverse order. Instead of viewing them as the night went on, you will be viewing them from the end of the night to the beginning of the night. Why? Because that's how they uploaded and I don't want to take the time to change them around. If you get confused, well, don't worry, we were all a bit confused by the end of the night ourselves. 19 of us got together, rented a party bus and made an appearance at several bars/nightclubs in downtown Sarasota. Meg and Vance were ready to see what Sarasota had to offer and Sarasota was ready to see what Meg and Vance had to offer. I think both parties were impressed with what they saw.

Jamie and Chris order 25 hamburgers at McDonalds. Yes, 25 hamburgers!!!

Jamie does a deoderant check at McDonalds!!!

Chris and Megs get back on the bus....these 2 characters were quite the duo that night. It was great to see. Meg usually does a fine performance of her own, but having a partner in crime only aided in her entertainment.

A cute "couples" photo with Megs adding her own charm.

Bathroom Break.....two divas

But first, who needs a refreshing sip of iced tea?!?!?!

You both look GREAT!!!

A bit foggy, but a pic of Jamie, Carol, Jessi and Megs.....silly foggy lens.

A kodak moment. Say cheese!!! Megs, Vance, is this your best "cheese" face?

Everyone watches as Parson "busts a move" on the movin' bus.

Only Megan........the band was lovin' it!!!

You are my dancin queen, Jen and Janelle!!!

We're all gettin jiggy on the dance floor.

Shake your groove thang, shake your groove thang!!!

Pretty Val. Jim claims this is her "prom queen" photo.

We ALL saw Jim's wild happy to see it.

A group shot of the ladies.....and Tom of course. You fit right in, Tom!!!

More dancin'

Vance and two beautiful womens!!!!

Lap Dance anyone?

Watch out, all the crazies come out after midnight!!!

Much better. Fog has disappeared!!!

Carol and Jamie, just like old times!!!

All the guys just enjoyin' the ride!!!

And the night is young here:

Cheers to a great night with fun friends and tasty cocktails!!!