Monday, April 27, 2009

Vegas Baby Vegas

The last several days, Rico and I have been visiting the wonderful city of Las Vegas with about 10 other couples. It was a great time, but we were all ready to come home. We both missed Avery tremendously. We had a great visit with friends, enjoyed some pool time, cocktails, did some gambling and witnessed a good college buddy of Rico's get married.

Four of the girls at dinner while the guys were partaking in the Bachelor Party.
From L to R: Jessi, Jamie, Sam and Rebecca (and no, before you ask, we didn't plan to all wear pink)

Rico and I at dinner at "al dente" in Bally's Casino. It was a great italian meal, great wine and great desert.

Doing some sightseeing....see the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Jamie and I walking the strip after a HUGE breakfast

Four of the guys pose for a quick pic while burning off breakfast
From L to R: (tallest to shortest too) Pat, Rick, CJ and Rico

Waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin

Some of the groomsmen (this time shortest to tallest)

At the was gorgeous

After the ceremony, Rico, CJ and Pat grabbing a cocktail

And yes, below, gambling at Bally's Casino was your very own.... "William Hung" It was actually him. He did NOT want anyone taking his pictures....but we snuck a few. "She bangs, she bangs"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Sunday!!!

Avery's first Easter was a ton of fun. We all got dressed up and headed to Church in our Easter outfits. Then, we went to Lido Beach to play in the sand and get some sun. Next stop was the Marina to enjoy a cocktail and watch the boats come in. Then, we went home, got cleaned up and went to the Country Club for a fabulous Easter Dinner.

Avery digging through his Easter basket to see what the Easter bunny brought him....

Mommy, Daddy and Avery pose for a Easter Family Picture at the Country Club

Daddy and Avery (caught like a deer in headlights) waiting to eat.

Daddy, Mimi, Mommy, Avery and Papa all enjoying Easter dinner

Sunday, April 12, 2009

How fast they change!!!

Just to give everyone an idea of how fast babies change........ see below

This is Avery on 04/10/08

This is Avery on 04/10/09

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Avery's 1st Birthday

Hello Everyone, it has been a while since we have posted. We have been excitingly busy with Mimi and Papa visiting. They arrived safely from Illinois and we have been enjoying every mintue of their visit with us. Yesterday was Avery's 1st birthday. So, of course, we had a big bash at the Alcala Household. We rented a bounce house for the day, had water balloon fights, had a cookout and raffled off door prizes. We had a total of 47 guests, great weather and yummy food. We took 100s of pics, so we had to choose only a few to post.

Avery with his Godparents: Pat and Jamie

Avery and Daddy waiting on guests to arrive.

Mimi and Papa gettin' some grub.

Birthday boy, Mommy and Daddy watching as people arrive.

Avery and some of the "chicks" having some fun in the bounce house.

Watch out......the water balloon fights have begun.

Avery, Mom and Dad as he digs into his birthday cake.

Some of the kids present at the party....aren't they all just adorable.

Papa and Rico playing a game of bean bags against Pat and Piersoll.

Avery and Ivette (our neighbor) resting in the shade.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lots To Look Forward To!!!

The weather has been UNBELIEVABLE here, so we have been super busy lately.....that's the reason for the lack of postings. We have been busy planting new plants, gettting the pool ready for summer, hanging out at the marina, taking long walks and just enjoying life. We have lots to look forward to in the next couple of months in the Alcala Household.

April 4th-13th: Mimi and Papa come to visit for Spring Break. We will make many visits to the beach, eat out lots, lay by our pool, enjoy cocktails together and Papa and Rico will play a few rounds of golf all while Avery entertains us 24/7.

April 10th: Avery's 1st Birthday. What? He is one already? Where did the time go. We are still in disbelief that our stud muffin is almost a year old. It just FLEW BY. And of course, we will be having a birthday party here at the house. Pics will be posted following the big EVENT!!!
April 12th: Avery's 1st Easter. The Easter Bunny knows EXACTLY where our house is. Can't wait to see what he leaves Avery.

April 23rd-27th: Vegas Baby Vegas. Rico and I are heading to Vegas with bunches of other couples for some gambling, drinking, sun bathing and well......the rest........what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Mimi will be coming back to Florida to watch our lil' munchkin. This will be my first time away from him for longer than 6 hours!!! Ouch!!! But, he will be in GREAT hands!!!

May 7th - 11th: To Indianapolis for my cousin Abbie's wedding. We will be staying at my BFF's ( I love that abbreviation, its soooo 1985) house, Megan. So, we will attend a great wedding and get a good visit in with Megan and Vance. Also while we are there, we get to meet our new niece Camryn and see alot of the members of the Pancoast Family.

WOW!!! All this going on ..........then it will be time for summer. That means swimming, cookouts, playing in the neighborhood late into the night, and TIME OFF WORK FOR DADDY!!!!
Then in to Destin, Florida for the annual Pancoast Family Vacation. You get all of us together and WATCH OUT!!!!!!!