Friday, June 26, 2009

Trip to Illinois - What a Blast!!!

The past 10 days the Alcala family has been enjoying their time visiting the Midwest. We loaded up the pacifica with the family and, of course, the dog and drove north. We were able to get the entire family together for a GREAT time. Everytime we all get together there are AWESOME memories made and an absolute GREAT time had by all. This was the first time that we have had everyone together at Mimi and Papa's house since the birth of grandbaby #3; including Mimi, Papa, Ryan, Holli, Rylie, Camryn, Rico, Jessi, Avery, and Erica. There wasn't a quiet moment to say the least.

Rico catching some fish on the lake at Mimi and Papa's house

Avery teaching Papa how to tread water

a 3 person slip-n-slide............."Lets go, Dad," says Avery

My mom (AKA: The Mimster) and I chatting over cocktails.... Mai Tais to be exact

A bunch of the extended family at my Aunt Annette and Uncle Jim's house in Shelbyville on Father's Day

Bonding on Father's Day.....watching cartoons and eating breakfast

Mimi, Rylie and Avery at Jim and Annettes on Fathers day. It was a HOT day, but super fun (Notice Kanoa in the background studying the globe. Such a studious lil' guy. He is my cousin Catherine's oldest son.)

Here we go, back to the ol' slip-n-slide. Avery, Rylie, Ryan and Rico.....looks like Rylie's goin' first.

And, the finishing product. Rylie hasn't gone any further and Ryan and Rico race to the finish line

And of course........more cocktails on the lake, but Rylie, where is YOUR Bud Light Lime???

"Avery, we're goin' in," says Papa

"Ryan and Rico, whatever you do, don't get too far away from the cooler."

And here is almost the whole Pancoast/Alcala gang in the water

Waiting ever so patiently for a table at Chili's

We got the table, and Avery got the chips

More cartoons and breakfast together, "Stuff it in ya, Avery"

After a long day, a bubble bath is in order. Apparently, Avery was ready to get out.

Avery's first hair cut, done by Stylist Mimi Pancoast on June 23, 2009

Very cooperative, yet very curious!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great News!!!

And to top off a great visit with Carenback...................... she is now ENGAGED. Her boyfriend (now, fiancee) proposed to her while in Florida and a wedding is in the making!!! We are SUPER EXCITED for Stephanie and Dan. They are an ADORABLE couple and anyone who knows them is blessed to have them in their life. Congrats guys!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Carenback's Visit

As I mentioned early, one of my best college buddies came to visit Rico, Avery and I this week. We had a great time. We layed out, swam lots and lots, had a few cocktails and went jet skiing. We captured several photos of the great times we had. Below are a few of my favs.

Carenback and Avery.....he quickly fell in love with her.

Saturday night we went to the Country Club to have dinner with Rico. Steph and Avery were up to NO you see below. She has my son standing on a tray jack????

Awwww, "whose ready for a nap?"

Daddy and Avery taking a dip. Its very hot here already. The pool is a must.

Sunday we went to Lido Beach and went jet skiing. We had two, two seater jet skiis. We had room for Bud Light as well.

"Whew, that was a rough ride!"

And, afterwards, a quick stop at the Marina for a rum runner was a MUST!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello to all of our faithful blog followers. Several of you have been asking where some more recent "posts" are....and well, there hasn't been much going on lately to post about. Rico has been putting in some long hours at work, Avery and I have been to the park almost everyday and had most of the neighbors over for a pool party at our house. I guess I should start taking more pics. However, I will inform you that we have lots of fun things coming up in the future so you can look forward to several blog updates soon with pics as well. Tomorrow, one of my dear friends from college flies in to spend some time with us. Her name is Stephanie Carenback, but she is better known as "Carenback." Sometimes I even have to remind myself that she does have a first name. Anyhow, Carenback and I met freshman year at I.S.U and pledged TriDelta together. We were roommates from time to time, have traveled several places together, including Chicago, Mexico, Las Vegas, Florida (before I moved here) and the list goes on. Needless to say, we have many great memories together. We are looking forward to her visit and Im sure I will have lots of stories and pics to share. Keep checkin' back.