Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Play Date with Annabelle

Today we had a playdate with Annabelle. She is the daughter of one of my friends, Julie, who I went to nursing school with. Coincidently, Annabelle was born on the exact same day as Avery; April 10, 2008. The two have a great time together as they are both very calm, relaxed babies looking to have a good time.

Julie and I loaded up the babies and went to the marina for some fun in the sun.

Avery and Annabelle sharing snacks: Apple puffs and strawberries. YUMMY!!!

Avery and I getting ready to attack the alligator.

"I'm ready to explore all of these fountains....On your mark, get set..........GO!!!"

"These fountains are getting higher and higher, I'm not so sure about this. Get over here and help me, Mom"

"No parents I GO!!!!!!!!!"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Just some pictures

Here are some miscellaneous pictures of Avery over the past several days.

Avery on the golf cart at Nanny and Grandpa's house in Ft. Myers with mimi, my aunt Jenni, Aunt Jyl and Aunt Jacque

At the country club for daddy's birthday. He wanted NOTHING to do with the cupcake.

Getting ready for our playgroup. "Daddy put this silly hat on me."

Saturday, March 14, 2009

As promised........

As promised, below are some recent pictures of my newest niece, Camryn Alexis. She is just a doll baby and I can't wait to get my hands on her. Ryan, Holli, Rylie and Camryn are one big happy family. Cam is happy and healthy. What more could anyone ask for?

"Ah, a full belly and a clean diaper, that's all I need right now."

Rylie taking care of Camryn while Ryan and Holli go out for some dinner. Ha, just kidding. Ryan stands by while Holli snaps a photo. She is already a great big sister, but wonders when Cam will wake up and play barbies with her???

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Milestone!!!

We have reached another milestone with our bambino. He has been cruisin' along on his hands and knees since he was 7 months old. He has been able to stand on his own and even walk on his own while holding onto furniture for quite some time now. However, he has met another milestone and has started taking steps COMPLETELY on his own. No assistance needed. It is just the cutest thing and he is so proud. The pictures below have nothing to do with him walking, but are just some pics we have taken recently and we think they are worth posting.

"Look guys, I am still small enough that I can go whereever I want and fit whereever I want. Come and get me....I dare you!!!"

Cruisin all over Daddy's office floor. Whenever Dad has some down time at work mom loads me up in the Chrysler and we head to the Country Club for some good grub and QT with daddy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daddy's Day Off

As we have already mentioned, now is Daddy's busy time of year at the Country Club. He works long hours and has minimal days off. However, when he does get a day off, we make the best of it. So, on Monday he was off all day. The weather was perfect as it usually is this time of year. High of 80 and not a cloud in the sky. We made our itenerary for the day and headed out.
The itenerary:
Playgroup at the library with mommy, daddy and Avery
Lunch outside at Cha Cha Coconuts at St. Armands Circle
Then, to the beach for some sand and sun
And, if time allows, a nap. Otherwise, we can always sleep later.

Daddy and Avery at Cha Cha Coconuts. Avery drinks ice cold water from a straw.

Mom and Avery at Cha Chas. Mom sips on a rum runner while Avery stuffs his face with Chicken, cheese and veggies.

Dad and Avery taking a stroll on the beach.

Mom and Avery getting their feet wet. Water was a bit chilly, but still felt nice.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy!!! Today is my dad's birthday he turns 59 years young today.....or as he would say..... he is "33 + some months." Either way, happy birthday.

Avery and Papa (my dad) on Christmas morning.

Avery and Papa at the school where Papa teaches. (as you can probably tell from the pics, Avery and Papa are Good Buds.)

Rico, my Dad and I while visiting them in August 2008

My dad and mom while out celebrating Erica's Birthday last year.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! You make sure that mom takes you out on the town tonight and spoils you rotten............ :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Carol's Baby Bath

Saturday night we had a girl's night at Jamies house. We hosted our good friend Carol's baby shower. She is due with her second daughter March 19th so we had her a "baby bath." It was a great night with the girls and Carol got lots of nice stuff.

The expecting momma with Toni

Opening presents. Avery stands by flirting with Toni

Wow, look at that belly.... and it is just that..... ALL BELLY!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bundle Up!!!

A cloudy, rainy, chilly day in Florida...................

The weather men said it was going to cool off here and some storms were moving in and boy oh boy were they right. When we went to church this morning it was 69 degrees and a bit sunny. But when we left church it was cold, pouring down rain and 54 degrees. OUCH!!! So, it is going to be a "stay in side, snuggle up and play" kind of day. But, we will venture out of the house for some pizza tonight. Rico and I have found a new pizza joint in town and it is our FAVORITE.... Avery even LOVES it. We have to get a medium pizza now to feed the "whole family." This is what Sundays are all about.

P.S. More updates on Camryn and family along with pictures coming soon......... !!!