Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ft. Myers, Florida w/ the Pancoasts

This past week my brother, Ryan and his family were vacationing in Ft. Myers, Florida which is luckly only an hour away from Sarasota. Rico was able to take a few days off, so we packed up and headed to Ft. Myers for a fun-filled visit with Ryan, Holli, Rylie and Camryn. We swam in the pool during the days and went to a park and out to dinner during the evenings. We enjoyed some beautiful weather, delicious seafood and of course AWESOME company. Aren't vacations great?

Rylie, Camryn and Avery after bathtime. Snuggles w/ the much fun!!!
"But, Aunt Jessi, Avery and I don't want to go to bed yet," says Rylie. "Ok, Rylie, how long would you like to stay up for, its vacation afterall," replies Aunt Jessi.
Uncle Ryan says "Kids, it's now officially bedtime, story time, then night night."
Rico feeding our niece, Camryn, some oysters, shrimp and stone crab. (No worries, it was baby oatmeal and applesauce)

All the while...Ryan and Holli endulge in some oysters.

At Lakes Park in Ft. Myers. What an amazing park. Those with kids could spend the entire day here and have plenty to do.

Holli and Camryn watching everyone enjoy the park. Cam is still a bit young for the slides, but she still enjoyed herself.

"Uh, mom, could you get that sun out of my eyes, thanks!!!" says Camryn

Rylie was in heaven at this park. She could've spent the night if we let her.

Avery was LOVIN' it too. He was flyin down those slides in full swing.

Rylie and I on some sort of contraption that made me reallllllly dizzy!!!!

Firefighter Rico slides down the firepole........................"weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Rylie and her daddy on ANOTHER dizzy contraption

Daddy shows Avery the intracies of driving the firetruck.
Daddy helping push Avery down the slide. This child LOVED the park.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everyday is play day.

I am noticing more and more that everyday is playday in the life of a toddler. Must be nice!!! Well today Avery had his BFF over to play all day. Jadyn and Avery are adorable to watch play together as you can see below. They are now on the exact same schedule (eating and sleeping) so they can really maximize their time together. Therefore, Jamie and I are able to maximize our time together as well. Today they built a house together, ate lunch, watched Barney and of course helped me clean up when the day was done.

Jadyn climbs into our bed to diligently work on "building house." As she explained.

Jadyn continues construction of "house" while Avery gets caught up on the news.

Lunch time: PBJ, cheese n crackers, grapes and water....all while watching Barney
"Alright kids, time to clean up before naptime." Jadyn takes it a step further by mopping my floors while Avery attempts to put the high chair away.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sarasota Jungle Gardens

The weather this time of year in Sarasota is PERFECT, therefore we must take full advantage of the days (since it is dark at 6:00). Saturday, Jamie, Jadyn, Logan, Avery and I went to Sarasota Jungle Gardens and spent the day there. We had a delicious lunch outside, saw tons of cool animals, played at the playground and REALLY enjoyed the Flamingos.

Just getting started.....where do we begin?

Jadyn and Jamie say "Lets go, there's so much to see."

Avery says "Hey, Jadyn, watcha lookin at.?"

Feeding the fish......and oh, what big fish they were

Arriving at the flamingo display, The kids scoped out the situation, but it wasn't long before they got out and played with those big, long-necked, pink birds.

"These birds are taller than us, Avery," says Jadyn

"Mom, there's ducks here too, QUACK QUACK," says Avery

Avery has just what the flamingo wants.......................FOOD

Time for an afternoon snack in the snack train. Choo Choo

"Thanks for the canteloupe Aunt Jamie."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Trick or Treat- This was Avery's 2nd halloween. Last year he was Batman and this year he was Superman. Clark Kent by day, Superman by night. He also had a partner in crime this year. Jadyn, his BFF, dressed up as Superwoman....they were quite the Superteam.

The best shot we got of Superman and Superwoman together.

"Is it time to go get some candy, or what?"

First, some pizza is in order. Superteam MUST have energy for flying through the neighborhood in search of candy.

The backside.......the cape is ready for flight.

Daddy getting some quick smooching before takeoff time.

In the Superwagon....WE'RE OFF............ Camdyn stands by watching

Rico, Avery, Jamie and Jadyn stop at the first house........."Trick or Treat"

Back home..................."Where's all that candy I worked hard to get?"

Clark Kent is exhausted and ready for bed.